Beautiful Sunday :: Kara & Rod :: Edmonton Engagement Portrait

Engagement Portrait Kara Rod I know we keep saying,  enough of the winter already,  but I’ve really enjoyed shooting outside this winter.   It was gorgeous downtown on Sunday morning.  The light was just right and it seemed like the streets were waiting for us.    I found a few new spots and ideas that I really like.  Don’t they look great?  Obviously,  they’re not scared of the snow.   j.  
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Just One::Sing Your Song::Engagement Portraits


I just stumbled across this one and remembered what good times are to come when all of this snow is gone.   We are booking for the Spring already,  so give us a call or fill out the form below.






Engagement Portraits

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Family Portraits:: The Campbells :: Life With Boys

We keep up with our client’s family lives and it’s always such a pleasure to see your love and family grow. I’ve known Hanan and Ian from single people to Mom and Dad. You can see the chaos and joy of family and life with two lovely and rambunctious boys. Long Live Love. Campbell Family Portrait

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Urban Engagement Portraits :: Andy & Michelle :: Like a Picture From A Magazine

Downtown Portraits

Downtown Portraits

Man, you people like to jug. I can see the most popular images in our online galleries and it’s always moments like these. You like to hug and kiss! It’s almsot a cliche if it wasn’t such a true thing. Keep lovin’ people.
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Winter Engagement Portraits :: Leanne & Cuong :: Market Street

Urban Engagement Portraits

Urban Engagement Portraits

Edmontonians seem unsure about working outside during the winter. Given that it’s over half of our lives, it seems like we should embrace it. For everyone else, there’s a magic about our winter city. I’m starting to feel that way too.
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